From 1910 to 1915
  The  brand  Alfa  Romeo was  constituted  from  two  from Milan  symbols: the visconteo snake in blue field and the Red Cross in field white man, enclosed in a small  metallic  circle on  which  the  written   ALFA-MILANO   was  read. On the models  constructed  from  1910  to  1915,  the external  diameter of the coat of arms was of 65 milimeter with written the ALFA and MILAN  separated from two nodes sabaudi.

From 1915 to 1925
When  the  factory  was  acquired  from  Nicholas Romeo,  on  the small metallic circle it was written: ALFA ROMEO-MILANO.

From 1925 to 1946
After the Victoria of 1 the Automotive  Championship  of the World with  P2, the brand came encircled from one bay crown of in hurled  metal. The  diameter  of the circle passed from 65 to  75 milimeter. From 1930  milimeter  came reduced to 60 and remained invariato until 1945.

From 1946 to 1972
With the fall of the Monarchy and the proclamation  of  the Republic,  the  nodes sabaudi  were  transformed   in  two  waved    lines . The  diameter  was  of  54 milimeter. From 1950 milimeter was  realized in enameled brass  conserving the same diameter of 54 and from 1960 it came executed in plastic material.

From 1972 today
With  the  construction of plant ALFASUD  of  Pomigliano,  scomparve  from  the brand the MILAN word  and  remained the two  from  Milan  symbols  sormontati from the written ALFA ROMEO.

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